What Are Virtual Phone Extensions?


Virtual phone are hybrid of two items an extension and a personal number. The extension part is already familiar to businesses with a traditional PBX phone system. It refers to a number that forward calls to another number associated with the user. The personal number part may seem less familiar, but it's exactly what it sounds like someone receiving your number can call you on that number and expect to reach you.

If you're like most people, your mobile phone number is the only contact information people have for you. But what if that was changing? With virtual phone extension, it's possible to give out a second number with a more professional or specialized feel. In the below-written article, you will learn what virtual phone extensions are and their major aspects.

Virtual Phone Extensions

Virtual phone extensions are independent telephone numbers used by companies for various purposes, mainly to improve the customer experience. Some of these purposes might include sending customers to speak with an agent with specific knowledge on a particular product or service or directing customers to speak with a team member based on which department they need help.

As an example of how this can work, if you're at your desk and someone calls your virtual number, it will ring at your desk, and if you don't answer, it will roll over to voicemail. If you answer the call and you're at your desk, then the call will be transferred straight to you without any of the normal caller ID information that would normally be sent with it.

Virtual Phone Extensions for Businesses

For businesses, phone with extensions allows specific calls to be directed straight to the desired person. For example, a restaurant could have a virtual extension that will send calls directly to the store manager without waiting in line at the front desk.

Virtual phone numbers are ideal for businesses because they are fundamental to the caller while also playing a more insignificant role in the business. In addition, a less-obvious use can be used as part of a marketing tool. For example, if you're sending out unsolicited promotional mail, then having your virtual phone number on there could help persuade customers to sign up with you.

Virtual Phone Extensions for Consumers

Virtual phone extensions are ideal for consumers if you want to be reached at a number other than your cell phone. It is ideal because it allows companies to assign you a number that will ring on your desk rather than in your pocket or purse.

If you don't have the number programmed into your contacts, many people might miss your calls because the caller ID information will identify the source as something other than your cell phone.


When you complete the information, you will learn about the significant aspects of the virtual extension. Therefore, ensure to pay proper attention to all the details to understand better and not face any problematic situations while dealing with these extensions.